Allenbrooke choose to recognize William Harris for his uplifting spirit and daily kindness. 

He said, "I was born and raised in this area and worked hard all my life driving tractors and doing other farm work. I mostly was never sick, until the past 5 years."

Mr. Harris was first admitted here in 2014, after a major illness leaving him unable to walk and very weak.  After a short stay receiving nursing and therapy he was able to return home successfully with home health, unfortunately he became ill again.  The hospital offered him several choices of nursing homes.  Mr. Harris stated "My son and I said our only choice was Allenbrooke, as it was like my second home."

"This time, I am staying here for good.  I am glad to have a nice place to get the help I need daily.  My sons have to work full time jobs so they dont have the time or the know hows to help me any longer, " said Mr. Harris. 

I love the music groups, happy hour, food in the dining room and the nice staff also.



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