Mr. Curtis Jeffries said when he arrived at Allenbrooke after being hit head on by a driver on the wrong side of the road on Christmas Eve, that he was going to work hard and recover fast.

He was unable to walk due to several fractures and muscle weakness, in a lot of pain and his memory wasn't the same. 

On June 10th, he went home after reaching his goals!

"It was because I received great therapy here. I was so broke up and weak after the accident I couldn't even get up by myself.  Rachel, Ami and Dennis my great therapists, encouraged me not to give up and showed me what to do to learn to safely walk and transfer myself again.  My speech therapist Emily, gave me exercises so I could eat regular food again and started me a book to write down things which has improved me memory greatly."

I am so happy to be able to retun home ot my wife and get back to my normal routine.  Me next goal is to be able to mow my lawn again.  My children have been a wonderful support system as well.


Pictured below is Cutris Jeffries, Janis Jeffries, Daughter in Law and Activies and Ami Moore, OTA

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